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Replacement Parts for Apple Peeler

These replacement parts fit all  Back to Basics Apple/Potato Peelers.  If you have a different brand and your peeler blades look like these photos, these parts may fit. Some older apple peelers have a peeling blade shaped like a slightly curved razor blade, instead of the U-shaped peeling blade in the photo. The U-shaped blades will not work on those older peeler. If you want to try these replacement parts on a different brand peeler, please do so at your own risk. No returns on replacement parts.

The 3-prong fork doesn't wear out, but it's the most likely part to break if you ever accidentally drop the apple peeler. You may want to keep an extra one on hand so you won't be "out-of-business" if you happen to  break one.  

3-Prong Fork . . . . . . . $2.00


3 Peeling Blades . . . . . . $6.75


2 Coring/Slicing Blades . . .. $5.80

This is the cast iron piece between the shaft and the wooden handle.Like the 3-prong fork, this piece doesn't wear out but can break if the peeler is dropped.

Handle arm . . . . . . . . $2.00


After peeling bushels and bushels of apples (or potatoes or pears), you will want to replace the blades on your Back to Basics Peel Away Apple Peeler. 

1 Peeling Blade +
1 Coring Slicing blade

Set of  Blades . . . . . . . $5.15

Jill Vorbeck
1716 Apples Road
Chapin, IL 62628

Phone: (217) 245-7589

$3.50 for Shipping and handling if ordering parts alone.
No additional shipping charge if ordering with apple peeler. 

1 coring/slicing blade
1 peeling blade
1 3-prong fork
1 handle arm

Set of Parts.......$8.90