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If you read some of the university home orchard spray schedules we have linked to, you will note that they recommend you spray a bit more often than our simplified schedule -- specifically, they recommend you get at least two fungicide sprays on before bloom, and they recommend summer cover sprays every 10 to 14 days instead of the 21-day intervals that I recommend.

In many years I think my simplified spray program is reasonably adequate for home orchards.  In rainy springs and summers, you should tilt toward the university schedules.

I recently learned that a wonderful commercial fungicide, Nova, has been formulated in a home product, Spectracide's IMMUNOX. 

To get the absolute most out of  Nova (Spectracide's Immunox), modify our Simplified Spray schedule as follows:  Change spray #2 into sprays 2A and 2B.  Spray #2A goes on at blossom stage -inch green to -inch green.  Spray #2B goes on ten days later or at pink, whichever occurs later.  Sprays 2B, 3, and 4 will have Nova added to what you intended to otherwise spray at these times.  (Don't waste your Nova in sprays after #4).  With the addition of   Nova to the home spray schedule as suggested here, the home grower can basically kiss three spring apple diseases -- Scab, Cedar Apple Rust, and Powdery Mildew -- goodbye for the season.  It's almost like magic.

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